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Often times the actions of township government go ignored by most of the public given that its budget and responsibilities are dwarfed by those of city and county governments. But once a year the Clay Township Trustee determines the excess revenue the township has collected and the board doles out the money as grants to charitable institutions that improve the lives of Carmel residents in highly impactful – and often times unseen – ways.

For groups that do receive funding, like Meals on Wheels, the grant helps fund critical services such as funding meals service and covering the cost of the food for people unable to afford it. For the Carmel Ambassadors it could mean the difference between a trip to Europe or staying home. The group has a policy where if not all the members can afford to go, then none go. For the Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation, the funding helps provide eight weeks of intense literacy programs that kids tackle on their own time while school is out of session.